Summer 2019: week one

Summer 2019: week one


DAYS to Report: 36

Miles: 3,085

Gallons of Gas: 165

Antelope Seen: 2

Cattle Drives: 1

The ensuing four days were mine to share with my dear friends, the desert, and my trusty-rusty 4Runner, Jenny. Mornings spent in awe of the wisps of clouds tinted by the still hidden sun as the other-worldly landscape wiped its eyes of the shooting stars and moon that filled the night. We spent afternoons rolling through both dusty and muddy dirt roads, being cheered along by many hours of music. And evenings were filled with tiptoeing through rock and sand setting up my tent and cooking the best instant pasta on the Coleman. This was living as I was meant to do it.

Writing this from a little café in Las Vegas, waiting on a now delayed flight to Charleston I am filled up to the brim in any way a person needs to be filled.