Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas

We’re skipping Christmas. Well, kind of. 

Instead of a filling the holidays with crazy parties, and too much of momma’s good cookin’ I’ve coerced my brother and sister into taking a trip across the country. Just the three of us, trusty-rusty-Jenny, and nine days. So, while we are technically missing the actual events that make up Christmas, we are doing everything else in the spirit of the season. Togetherness, memories, and great stories.

Now, you might be thinking that I surely held something over my two younger siblings to get them to get them to come along. I promise you I did no such thing! Well, unless you count bombarding them with pictures of the places we are going as coercion, I do not think I did. 

Where are we going? You’ll just have to come back to learn about that in a week or so. If you have followed the blog here for any period of time, most of them have been made appearances here before. No doubt there will be some shenanigans and pictures to follow. I am as excited as I could be to be taking these two goons to some of the coolest places I have ever seen. If I am lucky, I might even get some bits out of Jess and Genevieve.


If you’re one of the many I told I was headed to South America for this break, you’ll just have to hold on. I had the realization that the three of us are starting life and it is not likely that we will have this kind of opportunity very often. I told everyone else it was because an old knee injury is flaring up so they wouldn’t think I’ve gotten too soft.  But that secret is just between us.