Out Here

Out Here

Out here, freedom abounds in the emptiness. Bumping down Lower Butler Wash Rd. a grin pulls wide across my face, scrunching up every crease and wrinkle. I know this grin, it is a choosy one, that only shines when my heart feels at home. There really is no stopping this hearty kind of smile, so I stoke it with anticipation.


Anticipation for what? I really could not tell you because there is no way of knowing exactly what today might bring— perhaps that is exactly the root of it all. The draw of the unknown, an adventurous spirit, you might say, drives most of what I do. I think that spirit lives in every person. Some people are less intimidated by it than others. The intimidated are the ones that spend most of their lives waiting for an external signal, waiting for something to tell them “go.”

As my pal Zach and I wondered the vastness that is Bears Ears National Monument, exploring canyons and ancient dwellings, it felt like the most natural vocation imaginable. This morning, hopping off the running boards of the squeaky old truck that carried us into the desert, I continued my jaunt through life fending off a poverty of dreams, getting in contact with that adventurous spirit I so dearly admire. I highly recommend giving it a try.