Make Chance

Make Chance

The thought is simple, really. Make Chance. However, this simple, two-word, moniker drives most of what I do. I believe having a simple phrase to live by can truly make all the difference.

What is making chance? Examined by definition, it means to cause a possibility of something happening. To me, it describes deliberate, conscious choices that will lead to a photo, a story, an experience or better yet, a person. Writing classes often discuss the difference between passive and active tone; making chances is an active tone. It means living forwardly, as the doer of actions, not the receiver of actions.


So why does it matter? Asking myself if I am making chance in what I am about to do often expands the scope of an adventure or pushes me to say hello to someone new. I have been to incredible places and made magical memories with the hope of making a chance. After all, striking up a conversation with the person hogging the armrest is much more enjoyable than wishing you could yank their ejection-seat handle. In all seriousness, sometimes it means grabbing friends and chasing a sunset, others it might mean a solo car ride and a quiet mountaintop. Ultimately, making chances is about getting out after it, whatever it might be to you.

So, get out there be a snotty maldoon make some chances for yourself.