Jesse’s Take on Butler Wash

“The Butler Wash Cave Cannibal” by Jesse

Based On True Events

This is the story of three sibling’s first night together in a strange land called… Utah. The siblings; Gwen, Reese, and Josh traveled far from home in order to explore this strange place. After thirty long hours of driving, they arrive at their destination. The sun was quickly setting. Reese decides to drive off road onto a deserted section of land in a sparsely populated state.

While the sun sank in the sky, the siblings searched for a suitable place to camp. Eventually, Reese found a spot he fancied. As the three prepared to exit the vehicle, Reese noticed something strange. A chair with a log laid across its seat was placed in front of a cave that overlooked where the trio parked. Reese laughed. Josh stared quizzically. Gwen… Well, Gwen looked terrified.

 Once the three finished discussing what could be inside, they all ventured towards the oddity. They trekked up the face of a small hill and stood in front of the chair. Reese walked straight towards the mouth of the cave. Josh considered that the chair and log may have been an attempt to warn people away from the cave. Gwen openly questioned why they were so close to the cave. The boys ignored here and edged closer. The boys were satisfied with their cave exploration before walking inside. Reese pointed out that there were no fresh tracks. Josh looked for other entrances and Gwen was trying to think of a way to convince Reese to take them elsewhere to camp.

 Josh and Reese spotted another opening close by and began towards it. This entrance had no chair as a warning, but instead, a graffitied warning exclaiming “Keep OUT.” Again, the three were timid to enter the cave and were satisfied by the absence of fresh tracks.

 Despite Gwen’s protests, the boys went back to the car and began making camp. They all set up tents, ate dinner, discussed their plan for the next day, and joked about what was inside the cave.

 From the cave entrance watched a man who had evaded the police and authorities two years ago for poaching on government land and was also suspect for the murders of two tourists. His name was Mandible Lecture or Manny for short. His parents were both insect researchers and not very creative. Manny was disturbed, violent, and most importantly; he was hungry. He watched the three siblings from the veil of darkness and waited for them to settle into their tents and drift off to sleep.

 Manny snuck into camp and bludgeoned the three with a blunt tomahawk that he stole from an exploitive gift shop. Manny now had enough food for winter and he got a brand-new car! Manny was thrilled! Mostly because he missed his chance with the first group of three kids that had come by that day. He was sure that he would starve.

“Aren’t you glad we decided to move camp?!”


*Edited for grammar and clarity*